A large body of published data supports the importance of dietary fatty acids in the maintenance of the immune system. LYP-010 is a novel mixture of the esters produced from dietary fatty acids. While these fatty acids are common to many foods, the patented process by which the esters are generated is novel. This process allows the product to be delivered orally in the form of a solid dose capsule, giving it an advantage over most products used for atopic dermatitis. Most products are either delivered topically with only limited local effects, or when administered orally, such as corticosteroids, have significant safety concerns when given to pediatric populations or required for chronic use.

Unlike most investigational drugs, LYP-010 has a considerable amount of history of use. Developed by a New Zealand practitioner, the product has been used by local practitioners to treat an array of medical conditions. Additionally, several small open-label clinical studies have already been conducted in which the product demonstrated an excellent safety profile and promising clinical activity. LYP-010 has been safely used in infants, children and elderly populations over many years. This will make the product of particular interest for patients who want a safe, effective and convenient alternative to steroid based ointments and creams or to other more extreme treatments.

In addition, LYP-010 has undergone standard nonclinical safety testing, and several nonclinical studies conducted by university scientists have revealed some interesting properties of LYP-010. In humans, preliminary results show interesting effects in a number of disorders including: psoriasis, multiple sclerosis (MS), and a range of inflammatory bowel disorders, as well as asthma.